All About New York

I live in New York City. My father grew up here and lived in East Harlem until 1938, when he traveled to South America on a tour as a musician. While playing in Venezuela, he met a lovely radio actress - my mother - and decided to stay there. So, New York City has been linked to my life since I was a kid and heard about my dad's previous life. Even though his life must have been very difficult in a period when African Americans, Puertoricans and others where widely discriminated against, I have the certainty that a piece of him stayed behind in New York's streets, cabarets, night clubs, neighborhoods populated by intrepid immigrants, fighting for a better future, full of hope. Now my family and I walk the streets of a city that is young compared to others of the world, but which may be the only one that you can call the city-world, the place where all paths cross, where all races and colors, all languages and traditions blend, walking proudly, always walking, marching, exposing their treasures. I love to capture images of my hometown, its architecture, its streets, its contradictions, its people. Here are some of them, as a testimony of my love for New York. Enjoy!